Our story




The past

Why It All Started…

Hello, I’m Tam, you might be thinking, where does that name come from? I’ll save you the trouble and just tell you. Tam is a very common Vietnamese name like “An” or “Jan”  in Belgium.

I was born in Belgium and raised in a Vietnamese family. After the Vietnamese war both my parents went looking for a better future, and ended up in Belgium late 1970s. Together with my 2 brothers and 2 sisters we’re quite a noisy gang.


5 years ago me and my wife, Karen, started with a passion project: Banh Mi.

Banh Mi was born out of a feeling that stayed with me when I was still at school. Just like the Belgian children, my lunch usually consisted of sandwiches. 

My sandwiches were often nicely filled with butter, cheese and ham, nicely wrapped in an aluminium foil. When the lunch bell rang, I was always one of the first in the lunch canteen because I was already starving and couldn’t wait to have lunch. There were, of course, days when I was tired of eating those freaking sandwiches.

Very occasionally it was different, on that day I would open my backpack and find a different aluminium package. The lunch package had a different shape and form as usual.

Could this be my lucky day? When the bell rang, I took the package and ran as fast as I could to the lunch canteen. I opened my lunch package and immediately noticed the pleasant aromas that were released.

I quickly opened the package and the delicious sweet scent of soft oven-roasted chicken, freshly sliced ​​cucumber and slightly sweet pickled carrots, fortunately, confirmed my hopes and wishes.

Mommy made me a Banh mi. That day I really felt extra special. Because I knew I had the best lunch in the whole school.

And that feeling, that’s just … wonderful

Yeah, thanks mom!

That awesome feeling, that brief moment of bliss, is the feeling I want to bring with my view on Vietnamese cuisine.


The present

How It All Started…

Passionate about Vietnamese culture and food, our story started 4 years ago with our Banh Mi Foodtruck. We travelled to all corners of Belgium, serving delicious Vietnamese-inspired street food on Belgian festivals such as Tomorrowland, Couleur Cafe and many more.

Our mission to educate people about the fresh flavours of the Vietnamese cuisine, made us decide to open lunch locations in Brussels. Together with our home-delivery service, we hope to bring food joy in everyone’s heart.


“Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness”
Auguste Escoffier


In the spotlight


“We want to thank our foodies & hopefully we can continue delivering good food!”


Food Truck



In the spotlight

What We Promise

Fresh & Balanced Food

We only use fresh & balanced ingredients to give you the best food experience. 

Tasty Streetfood

Only the best quality of ingredients are used for our home-made recipes. Check our menu.

A Smile Each Day

Our Banh Mi team is trained to smile, so please smile back  🙂


“Best Festival Food @Tomorrowland 2019” 

We’re very excited & happy about our award from Gault & Millau. Our fan-favourite Banh Mi pulled pork sandwich won the award for best festival food!


Our mission to serve the best Banh Mi can not succeed without your help. Follow our social channels to support us & be informed about our promotions!

Opening Hours Eat-in

11:30 – 15:00


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Delivery & Takeaway Hours


11:30 – 15:00



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