Hot pot delivery

your social dining experience with friends in the safety of your home


(other days/hours on request)

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Enjoy your company

We bring the social dining experience to your home

With our hot pot selections you have a wide range of choices to indulge your guests.

Check out our hot pot selection and create a great social dining experience with your friends at home.
We recommend a hot pot of minimum 1.5 for 2 persons and 2.5L minimum for 4 persons to be able to enjoy your asian hot pot.
Don’t have the equipment? Yes, we can help you out. Use our electric hotpots and skimmers for free (we just need a deposit, €50) and you can start hosting your fun social dining party.
We deliver free of charge in Brussels and Brussels communes (ask if not sure)
Material needs to be returned by the customer in 1 of our shops.
We deliver on Thursday – Sunday so you and your friends can have a great weekend dining experience.

To order go to our shop and select delivery & select the hot pot shop // whatsapp 0498/303472 // email


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