4 years ago we started with our little food truck to please as much people as possible with our home made vietnamese street food.

Banh Mi is a popular vietnamese streetfood that you can find on every streetcorner in Vietnam. It’s a fresh and delicous sandwich filled with a variety of meat and/or vegetarian options.

Our search started by looking for the perfect artisan baguette. After many bakers and tasting we found a professional yet artisan bakery who helped us get the ideal baguette. The meat and vegetarian fillings were created by our own homemade family recipes.

We can proudly say that our banh mi are adored by many people all around the world (as we have catered one of worlds greatest music festivals with all nationalities all over the world and many other) which is why we decided to open a Banh Mi Express in Brussels.

Besides our yummie banh mi’s, we also serve refreshing noodle salads (bun) and fragrant rice bowls (com).